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Poster Session

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Come and meet the authors and the their posters during the event. The Poster award will be presented on Wednesday September 14h.


Analysis of complete Tube sheet and channels of a double pass WHB

  • A. Rolle, M. Rottoli, L. Balestrazzo, D. Passerini
  • Brembana&RolleS.p.A. (Italy)

Leser Nanotightness

  • J. Biel - LESER GmbH (Germany)
  • P. Fontaine - LESER France

Interoperability in design of industrial plant

  • S. Di Lorenzo - Marson 3D (Italy)
  • L. Gaetani - Eleo2 engineering (Italy)

Codes, Standards & Regulations

How European standards EN 13445 and EN 13480 change based on the users feedback

  • A. Butaye - UNM

Alternatives methods to radiography (gamma) for control of equipment

  • E. Martin - EDF
  • R. Mathieu, M. Cherfaoui - Cetim
  • D. Flotte, E. Goyheneche - Institut de Soudure

KEPIC qualification of non-destructive examination personnel

  • H-L. Won
  • Korea Electric Association (Republic of Korea)

Manufacturing, welding

Welding CrMo steels for power generation and petrochemical applications - past, present and future

  • J. Hilkes, V. Gross, P-A. Legait
  • VoestalpineBöhler Welding France SAS

Circumferential friction stir welding in the frame of R&T ariane 6 developments

  • A. Ben Attar, Institut de Soudure

Influence of root shielding gas on the corrosion resistance of austenitic and duplex stainless steel welded pipes

  • D.Large, A.Ferrai, Institut de Soudure
  • L.Jubin, Cetim

Material, Products

Recovery of 3,5 Ni W.O. TP316L hemispherical heads of HP Separators

  • A. Rolle, M. Rottoli, L. Balestrazzo, S.L. Rigobon
  • Brembana& Rolle S.p.A (Italy)

Inspection – control of equipment

NDE : Personnel certification and skill, new outlook

  • S. Poddighe
  • ATB Riva Calzoni (Italy)

Good practices of in-service monitoring of the autoclaves in production

  • M Batel, S Wolf

Quantitative prediction of effect of compressive residual stress from welding on fatigue crack growth in 304L steel components

  • P. Bastid
  • TWI Ltd

Visualization of image acquisition using stitching

  • C.Skopinski